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Access our quality link building services at some affordable pricing.

SERPGod Benefits Features

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With an network of over 100 sites running over years, we show the same love while building links for your sites.

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We're 100% transparent and we get approve from clients from building even a single link to their sites.

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We have our own criteria to include the sites in our database for building links thus offer the very HQ work.

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White Label SEO

All our reports are white labelled based on request and you can sell it any higher prices.

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Faster TAT

Based on the quantity of work, we offer faster TAT, even faster TAT with a small additional fee, if needed.

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Unlike many thin networks, we build sites & test it extensively before adding it to our network.

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HQ Content

Our office team members aren't native writers, thus we tied up with US agencies for native contents.

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We're India Based.

Breaking the barriers, right from the beginning  in 2013, we focused on building quality links rather than spam links.

SERPGod Process

While getting started with SERPGod is easy, no strings attached, no long monthly commitments.

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Access our SEO Services, choose custom or fixed options, pay for it and we do the rest for your best results.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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John Doe

I was on their list of private clients using their services even before the public launch of SERPGod. All I can say, just try them, you'll love this guys for their performance.

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Jane Doe

With no positive signs of using their service earlier from Facebook Group folks, I just put the money just to test their service, now I have over five pending orders with them.

Our Affordable SEO Services

While we don't sell any particular service to achieve our personal targets, you're free to choose the service of your own. But if you don't have any idea on how to get started, follow our guide.

If your site is new with few contents posted, choose our Pillow link to build some trust for Google before going for bigger links. If you're looking to improve ranking at some affordable pricing, choose our test Super Web2.0 service to move above Top 30 positions.

Need to crack into top 10? choose our competitors link building services and go aggressive mode for top notch results.

Pillow Links


Links from carefully choose niche relevant sites to show positive sign around your business.

$49 / month

Super Web 2.0

Push Rankings

Helps to improve your rankings at the most affordable way loved by Google.

$49 / month

Comp Link Services

Crack into top 10

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$​$/ month

All plans are white labelled.